Warnsdorf 1874


1874 Foundation of Franz Zimmer at Warnsdorf
(North Bohemia/ K&K monarchy)
  1989 COMPACT.HC Dryer with Lay-On-Air floating fabric guiding
1950 Re-establishment of Zimmer in Kufstein (Austria)   1992 Invention of the individual drive system
1951 DUPLEX.SCREEN Printing Machine   1993 Technology and R&D Centre in Klagenfurt (Austria)
1952 FLAT.SCREEN Printing Machine   1998 MAGNOPRINT - completely electronic FLAT.SCREEN Printing Machine
1955 ROTARY.SCREEN Printing Machine   2001 ROTASCREEN intermitting printing
1956 Invention of ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM   2003 Market launch of the TRIPLEXCOAT Coating Machine
1960 Establishment of Johannes Zimmer Klagenfurt (Austria)   2005 CHROMOJET 25 dpi (high resolution digital carpet printer)
1962 MAGNOROLL high-precision Coating Machine for technical textiles and fabrics   2009 CHROMOJET 76 dpi (CMYK, process color printing)
1962 FLAT.SCREEN Printing Machine for carpets   2010 COLARIS for home textiles, fashion, flags, ...
1970 First wallpaper printing line   2011 COLARIS-NF.MULTI for narrow fabrics
1976 Development of the digital carpet printing system   2014 COLARIS-NF.COMPACT for narrow fabrics
1982 MAGNOJET closed coating system   2015 COLARIS.INFINITI for home textiles and graphics
1983 First transfer paper printing line   2016 Technology Centre in Kufstein for textiles & flooring products
1987 First completely computerized ROTASCREEN machine   2017 Establishment of ZIMMER AUSTRIA Inc. (USA)