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Textile World 2020 | June 23, 2020
ZIMMER AUSTRIA Foam Coating Line Including Dryer Installed At Applied Technology International In Exton, Pa.

Excerpt from TEXTILE WORLD (May/June 2020) – www.textileworld.com

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — June 23, 2020 — ZIMMER AUSTRIA is proud to announce the sale and installation of a FOAM COATING Line at Applied Technology Intl. Ltd. (ATI), manufacturer of Fabrifoam® in Exton, Pa.

The multi-function coating line is for the application of stable foam and other materials on highly engineered fabrics. The line has been manufactured at the ZIMMER AUSTRIA plant in Klagenfurt, Austria, and features the Knife Coating (knife-over-roll) application system.

The line includes an unwinding station, Coating Head type T-COAT-MK, application device type MAGNOKNIFE MK, foam feeding, high efficiency dryer Compact HC (4 section gas dryer), exit line with double rewinding station.

ATI launched the Fabrifoam® Products line in 1992 to design, manufacture and distribute its brand of unique and proprietary fabric/foam materials and devices for compression and support therapy for the medical community. Known as The Original Therapeutic Material®, initially created for orthopaedic therapy, Fabrifoam® is now used worldwide for a vast array of medical applications, specializing in OEM products for both human and veterinary care.

Charlene Buckley, vice president of Fabrifoam® Products, said: “With the installation of the new ZIMMER AUSTRIA production line, we will be able to increase production capabilities and volume output, allowing for improved pricing capabilities and economies of scale. The line will enable the creation of new innovative products, targeting a broader customer base. ATI is pleased to have partnered with ZIMMER AUSTRIA on this project which affords us the opportunity to expand our business while helping to improve the health and lives of thousands.”

Posted June 23, 2020

Source: Zimmer Austria Inc.

From 1 to 500 ZIMMER AUSTRIA is celebrating the benchmark of delivering its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine.

The sky is the limit. Another milestone has been achieved in the company's history by successfully shipping its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine.
“A milestone indeed and honor for us as well“, says Bruce Stalker from Eclipse Blinds, excited to receive the machine in Scotland (www.eclipseblinds.co.uk).
Precision, quality and reliability - many aspects changed since the invention of the first MAGNOROLL, but this coating machine made its name as industry benchmark due to its constant characteristics of highest quality and outstanding precision for reliable firstclass results. This success is based on the effort of our dedicated workforce who managed to continuously improve and innovate.
Nowadays, the MAGNOROLL coating machine is equipped with state-of-the-art operating software that is loved by our customers. The machine comes in a unique modular design execution that combines various coating techniques (knife, screen, slot or magnet roll coating) within just one machine. This minimizes machine downtimes and ensures quick adaptation to specific requirements.

Join the success road with MAGNOROLL

Join the success road - and ensure your competitive advantage by stocking up your production park with a MAGNOROLL multipurpose coating machine. From one-color printing to coating with paste or foams (instable, meta-stable, stable).
Various coating modules such as knife, screen, slot or magnet roll coating can be changed by a few simple steps. With ZIMMER you can make the difference.


Concentricity accuracy and precision is crucial for quality results, especially when applying coatings on large working widths. The world-famous ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS with up to 3 magnet bars, guarantees a 100% uniform application for any coating, laminating and lacquering. ZIMMER AUSTRIA coating systems ensure the needed accuracy and precision for applying coatings also on working widths larger than 5 meters.

Accelerating our client’s success is at the heart of our DNA. Therefore, ZIMMER AUSTRIA provides the opportunity to run trials or even small-scale productions at our Technology.Application Centre in Klagenfurt. Depending on the individual requirements we offer a variety of standard and special coating techniques to be tested together with our expert technologists, such as knife coating combined with screen printing.

Outstanding coating results require attention to every detail and the highest quality in every step of the process. ZIMMER AUSTRIA has decades of experience in the manufacturing of coating systems, where we achieved many breakthrough innovations that our customers benefit from. We believe that quality makes the difference. Therefore, we offer tailor-made coating systems, manufactured with highest quality materials (stainless steel, chromed steel, etc.), equipped with state-of-the-art operating software to provide our customers with the highest level of quality.

Heimtex 11/2018 - Gastbeitrag (Infloor & Girloon)
BTH Heimtex 11/2018 | guest article
Digital printing makes floor carpeting attractive again

With their carpet companies Infloor and Girloon, Stefanie Ritterbach und Ulrich Dresing have successfully established digital carpet printing. They expect that the many advantages of digital technology will boost the sales of textile floor coverings.

VAN CLEWE Textilveredelung
A leading European textile finisher with ZIMMER AUSTRIA machinery

What does really matter to compete within the textile industry?
– insights through the voice of one of Germany’s, resp. Europe’s, most successful family-run textile finisher.

Interview with Ansgar Van Clewe, by ZIMMER AUSTRIA


TEXTILPLUS 2018 | Roland Seidl

Excerpt from TEXTILPLUS (07/08) – www.textilplus.com (Dr.-Ing. habil. Roland Seidl (Managing Editor Textiltechnik))

The FESPA Global Print Expo (www.fespa.com) 2018 opened its doors for four days at the Berlin Exhibition Centre in mid-May. With ten occupied halls, FESPA 2018 once again lived up to its reputation as Europe's largest trade fair for screen printing, digital large format printing, textile printing and advertising technology.