Newsletter 11/2021

Newsletter 11/2021
First Choice by Upholstery Fabric Printers around the Globe
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There is one common need for high quality upholstery fabrics, no matter whether it is based on a flat weave or on pile substrate. Penetration is the key for a durable high performance seating fabric produced for the use in residential, contract, or even in public transportation vehicles such as trains, buses, aircrafts or cruise ships.   

ZIMMER AUSTRIA has a long tradition and a great experience in manufacturing and supplying equipment for heavyweight fabric printing needs. The variety of quality upholstery fabrics includes cellulose-based fibers as well as PES, Acrylic, Polyamide, or PA-Wool blended substrates and others. No matter whether the construction is made from a plain weave or represents a complex construction made from fancy yarn incl. chenille, or velour substrate – a COLARIS print line can handle all the requirements of such products.

Process Development
Through constant inhouse research and a close cooperation with material and chemical manufacturers, ZIMMER AUSTRIA can develop new process technologies and integrate them into print production plants.

The open Ink System
The wide variety of upholstery fabrics available is best covered through an open ink system.
Certified inks from the best manufacturers, with the widest range of chemistry can be used. This makes the COLARIS printer the most versatile applicator for inks and functionalization chemicals available today. An open ink system is the key feature of the COLARIS printer family. COLARIS printers are fitted with the renowned, robust and repairable FUJIFILM Dimatix StarFire™ printheads with integrated ReadyJet™ ink circulation system and Versadrop™ greyscale printing mode for accurate ink and chemical placement on any substrate.

Cost efficient production through an extended life cycle
Low operational costs and stable production are guaranteed through robustness and precision of the printer. Accurate positioning and uncompromised fixation of the printing substrate on the transport belt is a basic need. Permanent control of conveyor transport in combination with a position controlled linear drive motor for the print carriage ensure maximum precision in printing.
Electronic components including firepulse-, data- and head interface boards are developed by ZIMMER AUSTRIA, just like the COLARIS Print Engine which stands for operator’s comfort and excellent print results. It offers several optional features that can be licensed as per specific product or customer’s requirement. A comprehensive diagnostic system is part of the print engine and supports our worldwide operating service team, to minimize down time in the event of a malfunction. Remote maintenance guarantees quick software support throughout the service life of a COLARIS printer.

Versatility for optimized product configuration
The wide range of upholstery products is covered well through COLARIS Digital Inkjet Printers which can be configured for reactive and VAT ink layouts to print on cellulose-based substrates. Products made from Polyamide & Wool or its blends can be printed and finished inline by using acid and pre-metallized inks. Additionally, the layout can be made for cationic inks to print and process CDPET and acrylic based substrates. Polyester fabrics are printed with high-energy disperse or direct sublimation inks.

Sustainable Print Production by choosing the right Partner
Exceeding todays and potential future demand of our customer’s needs and coping with legal or environmental restrictions in textile processing is our main focus aside from constant improvement in economic print production.
ZIMMER AUSTRIA is offering the full service from process development engineering, manufacturing, installation, process integration, training and after sales service to ensure an economic and smooth operation.

Let us know about your demands and we will jointly find the right solution for your specific needs.

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